The Proposal

The community has been exploring the idea of an #agrihood for a few years now. In August of 2015, the Santa Clara City Council reviewed a response to a request for ideas for the developing the 6-acre site. The Core Companies, a developer we have been working with that embraced the ideas and direction the community wanted, presented their ideas for a development direction. The City Council selected The Core Companies as the developer, but the project design has not started. The proposal ideas are being reviewed as a possible outcome, but the real work on looking at how this important piece of land sets the stage for how the area develops will begin soon. We are looking for extraordinary and progressive...and we need your help in making that happen.

You can review Core's proposal here. This is not a project design, just a starting point for discussion.

Citizens Coalition

This agrihood is based on the vision of South Bay citizens who are advocating for the sustainable and beautiful future of their communities.

If you live close by check out the Winchester Neighborhood Action Coalition (WNAC) to work with your neighbors to shape your neighborhood!

Regardless, we'd like to hear more from you, and build a human ecosystem committed to healthy, growing communities in the region that was once known as the Valley of Heart's Delight for its rich soil, fruit orchards and overall fecundity. 

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Farm to Table Heritage

Since 1928, the University of California has had an agricultural research farm (known as BAREC) on this site at Winchester Blvd and Forest Ave in Santa Clara, CA. The land was sold to the city about a decade ago, and six acres of the original 17 are still untouched.

By including agriculture in the development of the remaining six acres we can ensure this heritage lives on, and provide all the benefits that natural spaces provide.

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