Community Meeting Handouts and Notes

  • Design Ideas:
  • This document was created to show some ideas on how the six acres on Winchester Blvd can be used for Urban Farm Based Housing.  The ideas captured here are sustainable, forward planning, senior supportive, and compatible with both Santa Clara's and San Jose's General Plans.  The document further explores how a series of pedestrian overpasses can create a safe and welcoming walking experience for the seniors, families, community, and the public.  It looks at the many developments in the area and provides ideas, inspiration, and possible solutions to many of the current and future traffic and land use concerns.
  • "Why is this important" handout with issues identified. Download here.
  • Download presentation by Kirk Vartan. There are no notes explaining the information, so any questions, please email us and we'll try to create an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) as questions come in.
  • Federal Realty (Santana Row) Highlight document
  • Westfield (Valley Fair) Highlight document
  • District 1 Winchester Walking tour from Century site to Williams Ave.
  • Winchester NAC development overview map
  • Veteran Services letter of support
  • WONA (Winchester Orchard Neighborhood Association) letter of support
  • WONA second letter of support
  • Cory Neighborhood Association
  • Click Here to view a brief overview of The Core Companies/CNGF proposal
  • Click Here to view more images from Core/OpenScope/Fletcher Studio
  • Don Weden flyer
  • Updated Don Weden Flyer




Note: We have done our best to provide information as accurately as possible.  If there is a mistake or correction needed, please email us and we will correct it!