Penalize cities that don't build housing, Bay Area Council says in controversial new report - San Francisco Business Times

While the Tech industry pushes forward as fast as possible, drawing more and more workers to the Bay Area from all over the world, local housing has not been able to keep up. That is why housing prices are skyrocketing throughout the Bay Area! We have 7 of the top 10 most expensive towns in America!

The Bay Area Council is blaming local government for not moving fast enough to keep up with the increased demand for housing. Check out Riley McDermid's article in the SF Business Times, and download the Full Report, if you're in for some

Perhaps we can cut our local officials some slack - it may have been hard to imagine the incredible growth we've had in the midst of our economic recovery, but No More Excuses! We all know we need new housing, and if local governments aren't up to making it happen, the council has some interesting ideas.

Here are some towns that are trying to do something about the housing crisis (and the traffic!)