Agrihoods Around the Country

"Ever wish you could live at your CSA? Or move to a neighborhood where everyone is as excited about fresh, healthy food as you are?

All over the United States people are embracing local food production in an exciting new way. Called 'agrihoods,' this new type of neighborhood serves up farm-to-table living in a cooperative environment. Instead of being built around a pool or tennis court, these housing developments are centered around a farm . . . ."

So starts a great article which then goes on to cover and link to twelve agrihoods all around the country. Number 12 is particularly interesting:

"Specifically designed with the senior citizen in mind, Prarie Commons will be a pedestrian-friendly development built around a 15-acre lake in Olathe, Kansas. On-site, Tibbet's Farm will transform the existing single-crop operation into a certified organic farm that produces a variety of fruits, vegetables and small-scale livestock. In addition to the farm, a series of community gardens, a farmers' market, cooking school, restaurants and a small grocery market will "reintroduce the heritage of fresh food into a contemporary development."